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In the years, the end-of-line of a soap finishing line developed and differentiated more and more. The presentation of the soap bar became extremely important due to the sale strategies of the distribution channels.

We detected these always more demanding needs for an improved product presentation and developed a full range of services. Now we are in a position to supply practically any typology of soap packaging machine.
We introduced new models of Soap Packaging Machines, like Soap Wrapping Machines, in order to be able to answer to even more demands; we are also leader to fully rebuilt soap packaging machines, starting from our huge second-hand stock.



  • WRAPPEX soap wrappers
  • PACKSAVON soap wrappers
  • PAPER/400

  • SAS ZE/200
  • SAS ZA/230
  • SAS ZA/360

  • GUERZE FILMEX soap stretch wrapper
  • SAS-GUERZE CE soap stretch wrappers
  • GUERZE PLISSER soa pleat wrappers
  • SAS-GUERZE PL soap pleat wrappers

  • Automatic Soap Infeed Systems
  • Direct Transfer
  • KIT for BOPP use


  • ACMA soap wrappers
  • CARLE & MONTANARI P22 soap wrapper

  • MARCHESINI and other Models


  • BFB Models

  • Various Models


After having rebuilt several hundreds of soap wrappers, years ago we designed our own first model and now we have two families of “SAS” BRAND-NEW soap wrappers to offer to the market plus a high-speed model. If we count also the other soap packaging equipment we already sold 100 brand-new soap packaging machines.

PASKSAVON soap wrapping machines
One family is the PACKSAVON soap wrapping machines with speeds from 50 to 100 soap bars per minute and suitable for parallelepipedal traditional shaped soap bars. We have different models and kits for the use of pre-cup sheets, hot-melt application, carton stiffener as an internal wrap and use of BOPP.
We receive great interest in these models because the market could not offer any solution specially when the soap manufacturer is searching wrappers with two wraps (internal stiffener, external paper) and with outer wrap from pre-cut sheets. The possibility to use pre-cut printed sheets of normal paper (not heat-sealable finishing) means to be able to take advantage of local suppliers which sometime have excellent know-how for the printing quality but could not produce continuous reels of heat-sealable paper. Such local suppliers can do small lots perfect for short runs.

WRAPPEX soap wrapping machines
The WRAPPEX is “the paper wrapper” for excellence. We have one model for laundry soap at relatively high speed and three models for toilet soap bars of any typical shape that is usually wrapped, specially all the oval, bandless and asymmetrical shapes. One model is for 120 soaps per minute (wpm), another is for 180 soap per minutes (wpm) and the fastest can wrap up to 240 soaps per minute (wpm).
The majority of the projects have capacities that can be satisfied by these models.
Here we wish to go in more details to discover the features of our WRAPPEX/240 soap wrapper since this is unique in the world market, namely:
The operation is intermittent. This is the fastest wrapper in the world with intermittent motion. Such feature is very much appreciated by the soap manufacturers because being intermittent means that each movement starts and stops and adjusting such movements allows to be extremely precise. The machines with continuous motion require much more skill and adjusting movements that are continuous means to work on the fly, it is very easy to miss the total precision.
The wrapping area is open. There are several wrappers (also our Packsavon) which uses boxes, i.e. tumble-boxes. Such technique is convenient for parallelepipedal shapes and for hard products. If your soap is a toilet oval soap bar or is a sticky and soft laundry soap bar then the solution is an open wrapping area, easy to adjust and access and suitable to accept oval or not too regular shapes.
The limitation of the previously available intermittent wrapping machines (example the 711 model which has been by far the best sold in the world since ever) has always been the reciprocating movements. There are only few of them that are critical since they have long stroke and difficult operation. The most critical reciprocating movement of such glorious model are the paper pliers: they have a long run and an opening/closing operation to be done with precision and without vibrations. Our Wrappex/240 introduced, by the first time ever, an indexed chain (i.e. not continuous but alternate motion) with multiple pliers for a safe positioning on the papers on top of the soap bar. Being an indexed chain such multiple pliers move in one only direction
Another movement that has been obtained by an indexed chain is the transportation of the semi-wrapped soap bars to the folding and sealing section. Also in this case the elimination of the reciprocating mechanical group allows more speed.
As a result of such features the Wrappex/240 is the wrapper that assures the best quality of the wrap since the open wrapping area assures the possibility to wrap also oval shapes with the best accuracy. Furthermore the movements based on indexed chains are almost free of vibrations: the reciprocating movements usually reduce the wrapping quality both with heat-sealable paper and specially with BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene).

PAPER/400 soap wrapping machines
For now this family has one component only. After having rebuilt several high-speed soap wrappers (400 wpm +) this is our first SAS model. Due to a practically inexistent market of second-hand high-speed soap wrappers we wanted to be able to offer a BRAND-NEW machine. With this new model we cover the needs of high-speed soap production lines that are required in the developing countries.

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