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Soap Wrapper


The SAS‐PACKSAVON is our novel Soap Wrapper Family studied for simple applications. Its major feature is that it can wrap the soap bars with two films (inner carton stiffener and outer printed paper or BOPP). 
The wrapping style is double‐point end fold. Wrapping material can be from continuous reels or pre‐cut sheets (magazine).
The used soap wrapping technology is the “tumble‐box”.
Its “balcony” and ergonomic design makes it very simple and user‐friendly.
The “performance to price” ratio is impressive considering that practically there is no alternate proposals on the market.
Thanks to its modern design and its simplicity of the SAS-Packsavon soap wrappers, the change‐over is quick and the maintenance is limited.

We offer various models of SAS-PACKSAVON Soap Wrappers:

PACKSAVON/60: up to 60 wrapped soap bars per minute
PACKSAVON/120: up to 120 wrapped soap bars per minute
PACKSAVON/L: up to 120 wrapped laundry soaps per minute

- Product shape: banded and rectangular
- Production speed: up‐to 120 wraps per minute (depending on the model)
- Quick and easy size changeover
- Print registration device
- Electronic speed variation
- Minimum maintenance

SAS Soap Packaging Machine
SAS Wrapping machine
 MODELLength (min - max)Width (min-max)Height (min-max)Maximum Speed
50-110 mm30-70 mm12-40 mm60
 PACKSAVON/12050-110 mm30-70 mm12-40 mm120
 PACKSAVON/L70-130 mm45-75 mm25-55 mm80

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