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Soap Stretch Wrapper


The GUERZE FILMEX soap stretch wrapping machine is suitable to wrap up to 35 toilet soap bars with transparent stretch-film material from reel at a speed of 35 wraps per minute. Soap bars shapes can be banded, bandless and special; the great majority of the commercially available dimensions can be processed.

The soap bar is fed in one of the rubber pockets of the rotating disk, reaches the wrapping station where a suction-cup takes it from the disk and push down to meet the film which has already been cut and placed between the soap bar and the wrapping head. During the lowering the film is stretched then the wrapping head complete the operation by means of an iris; the excess of film is cut by a hot knife and is separately discharged. The wrapped and sealed soap bar is immediately labeled before being dropped onto an outlet soft belt conveyor. Change-over is user-friendly and quick with substitution of the rubber pockets and few other adjustments.

The machine is supplied complete with:
• main electrical motor with electronic frequency inverter
• indexed rotary infeed disk with 12 stations
• set of cams assembled on the main shaft to control the majority of the movements
• 1 infeed reel holders for film
• electrical and electronic panel complete with PLC and Touch Screen.
• discharge Belt Conveyor
• complete Labelling Unit

Soap Stretch Wrapper
SAS Soap Stretch Wrapper
SAS Soap Stretch Wrapping machine
SAS Wrapping machine

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